the Lighthouse Children's Home

The driveway will begin from the entrance gate and end between the boys’ dorm and the main house. Pavers, which is more affordable than pouring concrete, will be installed with a roof/carport.

This will greatly help when the children get in and out of the truck for school when the dirt is muddy and sticky from the rain. The carport will also help cover the truck and motorbikes during the rainy season and will also keep them out of the hot Thai heat and sun. The current estimate for the driveway and carport is about $5,185.

Total Project Cost: $5,185
Donations allocated toward Project Driveway and Carport: $5,185
Remaining Need: $0

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We have a growing list of completed projects including a water well, new truck tires, new buildings, the renovation of the girls' dorm and boys' bathrooms, clean water tank, monthly sponsorships for the children and educational sponsorship of our older children. 

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The front side of the property needs permanent fencing, which will include a cement base, rod iron fencing, and an entrance gate. The length of the front is estimated to be about 70 meters long (230 feet) with a total project amount of $5,500.

Donations allocated toward Project Fence: $1,325
Remaining Need: $4,175

Need #2:

Project Fence

View of the current dirt driveway from the main house, looking at the boys' dorm on the right with the entrance straight ahead.

Need #1: Driveway and Carport

Girls' dorm renovation